OpenSea Marketplace Debut NFT Art

OpenSea Marketplace Debut

James Conn opens new marketplace for NFT art

After much debate over which platforms would be best suited to the needs of an artist but also to the needs of art collectors and resellers, OpenSea was the top of the list. The first marketplace for James Conn’s abstract smoke artworks is now opened. Check it out and see all the trippy, introspective works that are indicative of Conn’s work. Artworks start at 0.2 Ethereum, but prices may fluctuate with the market price for Eth and the demand for these artworks.

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Jade smoke art by James Conn
“As clear as day” 1806 – Jade

1806 – Jade

“As clear as day”

symmetric smoke artwork by James Conn
“Through the chaotic smoke flew a glimpse of hope.” 1741b

1741 b

“Through the chaotic smoke flew a glimpse of hope.”

1792 - Cross Smoke Artwork
1792 – Cross

1792 – Cross

“Forged in the fire”


James Conn

James Conn is an American artist working in various digital and physical mediums since 2014. Elements of photography can be found throughout these fine art pieces.

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